Thursday, December 25, 2008


This morning we woke up to a white Christmas. I really thought that my kids would get up super early because they were so excited last night but Ryan and I had to wake them up at 7:45! (nice) My mom always woke us up at 5:00 every Christmas morning but Ryan wouldn't let me. The kids had so much fun opening presents. Braeden got a Hero's V game, a Dinosaur, a Jazz Jersey (Korver) a board game and some new Wranglers. Denni got a Bike, a Camera, a doll that came with all the accessories, a puppy that grows, and some shoes she picked out her self. Ryan and I got a gun safe from Ryan's Dad. We have been needing one for so long. Ryan has been keeping his guns in Cedar City and now we can have them up here to take out shooting. I really need the practice so I can get my hunters safty this year. This was a really great Christmas, but we really miss being with all of our family. We love you guys, Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008


I have had so many complaints about me not updating my blog so I decided to write a quick Christmas letter and let everybody know how we are and what we are up too. The last month has been crazy for Ryan at Wells Fargo. He has been working a lot of overtime. I guess that is a good thing for him, not so much for me. Braeden is in Kindergarten and loving it. He is growing up so fast. He still plays with his trains a lot but has found a new love for computer games. (I wonder where he gets that) Denni is my little disaster girl! She just loves to find anything around the house to ruin. We are still working on the potty training thing. I know I don't want to hear it Mom! But she is full of joy and makes us laugh everyday. As for me, well I just clean and yell at kids all day. I hope that your Christmas is full of Love and Joy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanks to Mister, Tag I'm it.

7 Things I can do...
1.I love to Draw
2.Spend Money
4.I love to cook
5. Bake
6. Wicked game player
7. Do girls hair.

7 Things I cannot do...
1.Ski (tried it and hated it)
2.Let my house get dirty (tried it and couldn't)
3.Let my kids go one day without a bath (tried it and they smelled too bad)
4.Spell (Thanks Dad)
5.Math (Thanks Mom)
6.Read (I think about too many other things while reading)
7.Be a good Mom (I scream too much)

7 Things I like to eat...
1.My home made Alfredo
2.Cap'n Crunch Berries
3.The Mandarin
4.Home made Rolls
5. My moms pumpkin pie
6.Fresh Nevada Pine Nuts
7.Chips and Salsa

7 Things I always say...
2.What the Hell
3.Ryan, get me a drink!
4.Ryan, rub my back!
5.Ryan, run to the store!
6.Ryan, feed the kids!
7.Ryan, get the kids to bed, I'm on the computer!
Who's next..Deidre, Heather Bruck, Heather Randall

Monday, December 8, 2008

Mmmm... Marv's Yummy Yummy

YES! I did make another trip to Enterprise. My sisters and I had plans to attend the Rotary Bowl in St.George and see some friends of ours from Nashville, but it didn't work out that way so we just when SHOPPING! Ryan was nice enough to stay home with the kids and let me enjoy a weekend alone with my sisters. Of course the first thing I wanted to do when I got to St.George was go eat at Marv's. I have been craving it for so long. After that we spent 10 hours shopping and I only had two things to buy. My sisters are tough cookies. (they do have 4-6 kids to shop for) I'm just glad that I was able to get my Christmas shopping done and spend a great weekend with my family!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Braeden and Denni love the song "So What" by Pink. They even asked me to go buy it at Walmart and if I didn't they would just ask Santa for it. So we went to Walmart a few days ago and purchased the CD. Well that is all we have been listening to for the last few days. This morning I caught Denni singing and dancing to the song and thought it would be funny to post.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


This year our family wasn't able to go down south for Thanksgiving so we decided to take the kids to Salt Lake and rent a Hotel room. Our friends, Darren, Amber and their kids were also alone for the holiday so they joined us for the two days of activities. We went to Olive Garden for dinner and then took the kids swimming all night. They all had sooo much fun. Braeden said that staying at a hotel is the coolest thing ever. Then on Thanksgiving day we met up at Golden Corral for a great lunch. The food was really good but not as good as my mothers. After we ate we all went to the Gateway and saw the movie "Bolt" the kids and the adults loved it, it was so funny and well worth it. I think that every year that we can't spent Thanksgiving down south with our extended family, we will always do this.


Darren being a goof ball!
Swimming at the Hotel
Darren, Amber, Marley, Ryan
Maddison and Denni


Our friends at the Gateway
Marley, Maddison and Denni
Braeden and Denni at the Gateway
Our family, freezing by the fountain
Us in front of the Gateway

Friday, November 21, 2008


Tonight I got the chance to go to a Farm Bureau Banquet with my neighbors Justin and Jana. Ryan being the party pooper stayed home with the kids, so I got to 3rd wheel it. The food was great but the entertainment was Awesome. Due West (Tim Gates, Brad Hull, Matt Lopez) came all the way from Nashville to play at the Banquet. I'm sure I've rambled on and on before about them but they happen to be good friends of our family, (so I like to brag a little.) I never get sick of listening to their music and these guys crack me up. I had such a great time.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I had such a mother moment today. After Braeden got home from school he threw his backpack on the kitchen table and demanded that I help him with his homework. So after we all had lunch I pulled out his homework and there were two books for him to read. Until now I (by I, I mean Ryan) have always read the books to him, but today he read the whole book to me. I didn't even have to help him. I was so proud. Braeden you are growing up so fast.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


A few weeks ago Ryan was able to get some tickets to Disney on Ice in the Wells Fargo suite. We decided to get the kids really excited and told them we had a big surprise. After a week of anticipation Brady could take it no longer. He constantly pestered me and Ryan about what we were going to do. Finally I told him we were going to see Mickey Mouse. His response was "Yes, we're going to Disney Land!" I explained it was Disney on Ice, not Disney Land. He was a little disappointed, but was still really excited. The big day finally came and that morning I woke up with horrible pain. It was another kidney stone. I called Ryan home from work, and couldn't even get out of bed. He ended up going solo to Disney on Ice with the kids, so I told him to take lots of pictures. He took 5. Thanks Ryan. In his defense the batteries died in the camera so he had no choice. The kids had a wonderful time, and I wish I could have been there.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Braeden has been begging for a hamster for his birthday for a few months now so finally I gave in. We took him to the Pet store and let him pick it out all by himself. The cashier at the store told us that the one we picked out was sooo nice and sooo mellow, so we were really excited to take it home and play with it. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! I think that our hamster has ADHD and it is really mean! The other day the kids wanted to get it out to hold it so I went to grab it softly and it BIT ME! HARD! It broke through the skin and I bled all day. A few hours later Braeden was petting it and I walked in the room and it started to spit it's own poop at me, after it ran out of poop ammo it started to spit its food at me. It doesn't do that to the kids, just me. So I've come to the conclusion that the birthday hamster named Brown Sugar hates me. I know that Braeden will love and take care of it. Happy Birthday Braeden, you have grown up into such a handsome boy!


I can't believe that my baby boy has turned six years old. Braeden has grown up so fast and has been so much joy in our lives. We had a great but small birthday party for him at our house on Sunday. We invited Bill and Michelle's family over for dinner and cake and ice cream. Breaden was so excited about his present that Hazon and Cayden gave him, a Webkin. He named it frogger. He also got a few spider man toys and most of all a Hamster. "mom's not happy" We Love You Braeden!