Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brown Sugar Oct 08-April 10

Its been just over a year since I've done anything with my blog and I am missing it a lot so I think Im going to start it up again. Today I went in to Denni's room to check on her pet hamster and noticed that she had passed. We gathered the kids and told them the news. Denni cried and cried. We let the kids pick a spot in our yard to bury her and said a few nice things as Denni was still crying. Then after she went over to all the neighbors and cried to all of them and then called everyone she knew and told them about her hamster. I'm afraid she is going to need therapy for this...Well it is our first pet that has passed..I hope she knows that Brown Sugar is in pet heaven and is very happy.

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Nicole said...

So happy to see you back on the blog! Sorry to hear about Brown Sugar....may he rest in peace. Have a great week!!!