Friday, October 31, 2008

After a full day of trick or treating in Bountiful, we came back to our neighborhood to do more candy damage and came upon Mr. Incredible. This is Brian, Patricia and family. Patricia sewed all of the costumes herself. You guys look AWESOME! Oh, and our kids got way to much candy, I think it will last them until Christmas.


What a way to start out the day! Our friends Bill and Michelle took us to a couple of different Rest Homes in Bountiful. People were lined up in their wheelchairs to hand out candy to all of the kids. Everyone had a blast. It really made the folks at the Rest Home very happy. The bad part about it was, the kid got way to much candy. Our Wal-mart sacks were clear full by the end of the day.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't let your sisters touch your hair!

A few months ago my mom and sisters were all sitting in the hospital room waiting for Sharla, (my oldest sister) to have her baby. It was taking a little longer than we would have liked. So my sister RaSelle said "hey, while we are waiting let's do your hair like a plig. So everybody else joined in and this is the end result. It's a horrible picture but we all had a great time.

A few things I've missed

Here are just a few things I miss about living in Enterprise. 1. I'm missing out on all the fun of canning. 2. I'm missing out on all the fun of cutting up deer meat with my sisters. 3. I'm missing out on all the fun of Pine nut picking in the middle of who knows where, and 4. I just miss spending time with my family. So I saw my sister's blog the other day, and it had all of these pictures on it, so I decided to take them off her blog and put them on mine. Sharla looks like she is having a great time cutting up that deer. Maybe next year it will be my deer.

Monday, October 27, 2008


In September I was able to attend Time Out for Women in Vegas, not only with my Mom and sisters but also with my Aunt and cousins. Their were 14 of us sharing 2 rooms at the South Point Hotel, and we had a blast. The night before the conference we went to a concert put on by the Tribute Band. If anyone out there has never heard them play, you need to, they are awesome. Their CD is called "Joseph a Nashville Tribute to the Prophet" and they also have "Trek a Nashville Tribute to the Pioneers". After the concert we hung out with the band for a while, that's them in the picture above. The next day we attended the conference and had a great time. I learned a lot on how to be more patient with being a mother and a wife. I want to thank my family and cousins for making the trip so enjoyable for me. You guys are AWESOME!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


The best part about camping, is the FOOD!!! My family knows how to make great dutch oven chicken and potatoes. I think we all regret the 10lbs weight gain during our camping trip. My nephew's Jad and Gavon caught two snakes in the creek. They thought it would be cool to keep them as pets not realizing that they were water snakes so they had to let them go. The cute little baby is my youngest nephew Wyatt. He is so much joy to be around. He always has a smile on his face. We all look forward to next summer, and the fun we will have in Pine Valley.


One of our family's most favorite things to do in the summer is go camping at Pine Valley Mountain. My whole family was able to be there. The kids had so much fun playing in the dirt and not thinking about taking a bath for five days.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The whole family together

This picture was taken just after grandpa Jolley's funeral. It was really nice that the whole family was able to get together in Price. The only person we are missing is Brett's wife Becca. It was a really nice service. The kids had a great time spending their first night at a hotel.

BYU Game Time

As we all know, BYU lost to TCU, but we all still know how to have a good time. This is us hanging out with our neighbors, Dallas and Jeff Bailey and Brian and Patricia Nelson. I made great Tortilla soup and we had awesome dessert. Ryan also knows how to throw a good Zoolander pose.


If there is one thing that everybody knows about me, it is that I love BYU football and Green Bay Packers. I even got my kids to sit down on Sundays and watch football with me. The other day we were shopping at Wal-mart and Denni was yelling out B-Y-U GO COUGARS. Braeden asked Ryan "If the Packers and the Cougars played against each other, who would you want to win" and Ryan said "Well of course the Cougars" but Braeden being a loyal Packers fan said that "The Packers would Kick their BUTTS any day" Braeden is a funny kid, he wants to wear his Packers shirt every day. As for me I was really sad to see Brett leave and go to the Jetts but I still will watch him play....I have to, any loyal Favre fan would.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Finally after 6 months of planing a vacation we went to Lake Tahoe with some neighbors the Nelson's and the Jolley's. We left our kids home with grandparents for a week. It was really nice to get away and spent some time with friends. Ryan and I will take the kids next time... or not.

We went to Lake Tahoe with Steve and April Jolley and Brian and Patricia Nelson in August. We spent a week in a Time Share, it was so awesome...

Here are some pictures of us rock jumping at Tahoe and also of the beach, it is so beautiful.

The Nelson family and I on the beach in Tahoe
Patricia and I playing Guitar Hero in Tahoe

Denni Finally Turns 3

Denni has been talking about her birthday for months. She told me she wanted a Barbie cake like Maicey, so I did my best. She had a ton of fun.

Denni blowing out her candles.

Denni's birthday party with Hazon

The kids and I always have so much fun in Enterprise on the 24th. After the parade they have races at the church and later that night I took the kids to the rodeo. Braeden and Denni got to ride RJ's horse and Brady did not want to get off.