Thursday, April 29, 2010

Whats the BIG Obsession?

Every Thursday is Library day at school and Braeden comes home every Thursday with a new book...a WAR book! I'm not talking about a First grade level book either. He's bringing home big huge War books and wanting Ryan to read them to him every night. Its all he talks about these days. War this and War that and how when he grows up he is going to jump in the big Tank and shoot all the bad guys. Ryan tried to talk him into being a Doctor in the Army and Brady ask what a Doctor would do? After an hour of explaining it, Brady said "No Thanks, too boring. I just want to be in a tank and shoot the bad guys." Brady even threw an hour tantrum at Walmart because we wouldnt buy him a 350 page book about World War II. Brady tried to sneek down the stairs the night we watched Hurt Locker and cried when we made him go to bed. Should I let him watch Saving Private Ryan?? Maybe that would change his mind!!

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